Exemplary Mentors with caring and supportive attitudes

Meerkats by nature don’t work alone and we are no different.

Mardi Wheatley

Cert II in Disability, Cert III in Community Services/Aged Care, Cert III in Youth Work, Cert III in Fitness and Nutrition

Mardi is the prime example of an amazing human being who can overcome anything through sheer willpower, determination, and just a sprinkle of song and sunshine. With a lifetime of demonstrated bravery, many words come to mind when thinking of Mardi including honour, inclusivity, trust, and respect. She brings extensive mentoring experience and knowledge through the disability space which, when coupled with her strong knowledge in fitness, nutrition, and motivation makes her a prized member of the team.

I love life transition, music, fitness and nutrition, getting the best out of people, confidence building, and the smell of coconut and vanilla but I hate people chewing gum with their mouth open!

Adrian Hurley

Cert III in Horticulture, Cert IV in Mental Health (Currently Completing)

Adrian is just as likely to be found whipping up a storm in the kitchen as he is to be creating a racket on the drums! Adrian is a creative at heart and loves helping others discover their creative sides in creative writing, music, gardening, and cooking. As a chef and musician, Adrian is energetic, fun, and great at finding solutions to overcome barriers to achieve individual goals.

I love music, cooking and nutritional meal planning, gardening, the outdoors, exercise, and movie nights with the family but I hate being late to appointments!

Daniel Barnes

Certificates in Grief and Loss, Certificate in Neurolinguistic Programming

Dan is our resident fire spinner! He is a professional performer and has significant knowledge and qualification in grief and loss. Dan is very spiritual and enjoys sharing his knowledge and talking to people about worldly matters who are going through tough times. He has a warm and approachable demeanor and collaborates in a second-to-none manner with his crewmates. Having lived experience with mental health, Daniel is well placed to work with and support those in the psychosocial space and enjoys walking alongside others in their recovery.

I love life transition, performance, outdoor recreation, building and maintaining friendships and relationships, and confidence building but I hate setting myself on fire while performing!

Nichola Purcell

Cert IV in Disability, Cert IV in Mental Health (Currently Studying)

Nichola is a well-rounded professional with complimentary life, professional, and academic experience. She is kind and patient with those she works with and brings with her an exceptional ability to break down strategies and approaches into consumable formats for people of all backgrounds. Nichola enjoys bringing out the best in people with finding new and exciting interests while also delivering capacity building services in a fun and enjoyable manner. Her general mentoring interests include capacity building, art and culture, building friendships and relationships, safe social media use and small goal setting. Nichola is passionate about working with the LGBTQI+ members of our community as she can provide a safe space for people to explore, learn, understand and accept themselves in. 

I love capacity building, art and culture, building friendships and relationships, safe social media use, and small goal setting but I hate early morning alarms!

Sam Fletcher

A keen team player, Sam brings a passion for coaching and capacity building well-developed through his sporting background. Having played in both Australia and America, Sam knows the value in high quality coaching and always keeps an eye out for his team mates (which could include you!). Though gentle in his approach, he gets people and what makes them tick both on and off the court and looks forward to helping you smash some of those goals!

I love capacity building, small goal setting, the great outdoors, relationship building, and teamwork skill development but I hate spiders and heights (unless I’m hanging from the rim!)

Jay Dryden

Certificate in Life Coaching, Certificate in Neurolinguistic Programming, currently studying Certificate IV in Mental Health

Jay is high energy with fantastic skills and knowledge in the outdoors. He has a background in charitable work and owns a successful charity that ships educational tools and clothing to South Sudan. Jay undertakes motivational mentoring with clients who speak highly of his ability to engage and creatively problem solve in a fun and collaborative manner.

I love creative building, music, art, camping, surfing, life stage transitions, building friendships and relationships, and volunteering but I hate losing my phone between the couch cushions!

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